BearKiller is a meme token created on the BEP-20 chain in order to change the trend of crypto investment market. In 2022, the market investment funds decreased by 70% compared with that in 2021, which leads to the death of various excellent tokens.Also, more tokens created by excellent teams are no longer held by investors for a long time because of the reduction of market funds.The domino effect and panic keep spreading in the crypto investment market.

BearKiller is intended to kill the bear market and all backstab investors, and guide the crypto investment market back to the normal track. Besides, it will re ignite the off-market investment funds by using the high frequency dividend mode, so as to form a new food chain, driving the improvement of the sluggish status of the crypto market.

BearKiller will drive the investment atmosphere of the whole encryption market through efficient outbreak and high-frequency dividend distribution.
At the end of last year's bull market, the meme token smoothly guided the outside investment trend back to the crypto market through its special dividend
mechanism and great market speculation.

The value of tokens in the crypto market is mostly generated by the strength of the team background and the powerful marketing.
But the more important thing is the number of tokens in circulation. BearKiller's high proportion dividend model will keep destroying the total number of
deflationary tokens in circulation within 24 hours. For 53% of the tokens have entered the black hole, and the tokens in the black hole can also enjoy dividend tokens, the tokens are directly classified into the black hole to reduce the total amount in circulation. It makes efforts to improve the value of the remaining tokens in every single minute.

When BearKiller is launched on more than 20 CEX platforms, it will buy back in large amounts from time to time. When more than USD100000 is repurchased and destroyed every time, NFT casting will be carried out, and the casting can be completed by destroying coins.
What’s more, in order to ensure the value of cast NFT, part of the tax will be used to buy back the cast NFT. If the holder needs to sell it, he can directly contact the team through the official website. We will buy according to the market rules of the caster, and spend 150% of the amount of tokens cast for repurchase. If the expense for 150% of the tokens is still less than the total cost at the time of casting, we will take it back at 150% of the USDT price. If the coin price rises and exceeds the token price at the time of casting, we will still pay 150% of the BearKiller token.

BearKiller will use high-quality materials for a series of products related to BearKiller.Our designers will create a series of costumes, and all these commodities will be sold at cost price.

We only hope that people can wear Bearkiller's dressing and appear in every corner of the world with Bearkiller's peripheral products. What Bearkiller wants to do is to conquer the whole world.


Website deployment / Telegram and Twitter / Twitter marketing / CMC and CG
Repurchase and combustion / Youtube marketing / 100 mainstream media


Build multiple national communities / Cooperate with Twitter crypto characters
Cooperate with YouTube bloggers / Mainstream media reports
Advertising board / NFT progress report / 10000 holders


Shopping Mall / 20 CEX platforms / USD100000 for repurchase and combustion
Collaborate organization / Identity of team members

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